Dear Board Member,

We need your immediate feedback.  As you know, the Department of Community Health is recommending big changes to how they manage Medicaid and PeachCare.  A full report can be found on our Provider Environment page

GAHSC is working with our leadership to develop recommendations in response to this report. GAHSC has been named to participate on the DCH's Children and Families Advisory Group in response to this report. 

GAHSC does not want to lose sight of the vulnerable children and families that we serve.  Medicaid serves all the foster children and most of the at-risk children that we serve in the community.  These "at-risk" children include children with behavioral issues, mental illness, developmental disabilities and involvement in the juvenile justice system.  What Medicaid does not serve, PeachCare for Children covers most of the rest. 

It is very easy for these populations to get lost in the Medicaid and behavioral health focus on adult populations.  Their focus is mostly a medical model, rather than a community and family based model, that serves well our covered populations. 

We are prepared to offer our feedback and recommendations.  These draft recommendations can be found on our website here.  DCH desires feedback by February 29, 2012.  Feedback can be provided via email at

Because of the short turnaround, please provide us with your immediate feedback. 

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Normer Adams, Editor