Daily Update February 1, 2016 - A national effort for 'victims' rights' legislation is headed to Georgia

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A national effort for ‘victims’ rights’ legislation is headed to Georgia

AJC Political Insider

A national group backed by a California billionaire is ready to wage a campaign to get a constitutional amendment on victims’ rights on the Georgia ballot in November.

House Resolution 1199 would require that victims and their families receive information about what services are available to them, notification of hearings and major developments in the criminal case and the right to be heard at plea or sentencing proceedings. It would also guarantee the right to restitution for victims.

If the legislation’s sponsors are any indication, the measure has bipartisan appeal. The backers include Republicans Don Parsons and Wendell Willard – the chair of the House Judiciary Committee – and Democrats Virgil Fludd and Margaret Kaiser.


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