Daily Update January 28, 2016 - ‚Äč New Child Maltreatment Report Available

Advocacy Alert

In an effort to keep you informed, we thought you would be interested in having the most recently released Child Maltreatment Report.  You can link to the Report through the CWLA website here.

The report indicates that the number of children substantiated as abused or neglected increased to 702,000 in 2014 compared to 682,307 in 2013.  Consistent with recent data from the past several years the vast majority of children were victims of neglect (75 percent) compared to physical abuse (17 percent) or sexual abuse (8.3 percent) as well as several other categories such as psychological abuse and medical neglect.  The totals represent more than 100 percent since many children are victims of several categories of maltreatment. 

The report also indicates that there were 1,546 child abuse and neglect fatalities with an estimated total of 1580 (the report will estimate for all 50 states when some state data is missing).  The estimated figure of 1580 is an increase from last year’s (2013) total of 1530. 

Within weeks, we expect to hear from the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities on their recommendations on how to address this challenge including how to collect the most accurate data in this category of child abuse. 

Also of note, 60.7 percent of children reported to child protective services (CPS) were screened in for further investigation, a figure consistent with recent years.  Of the children substantiated as victims, 63.7 percent received follow up services.

We will have more in next week’s Children’s Monitor.    


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