Daily Update February 5, 2016 - Together Georgia welcomes new Intern, Jamey Hitchcock

Hello, everyone! I am Jamey Hitchcock, Together Georgia’s newest intern for this Spring. To start off, I am passionate about non-profit agencies, as my personal interest is in creating change for the homeless community and youth without families locally and internationally. I also have a passion for anything music related, as I play guitar, and I would call myself a coffee connoisseur. I am currently a sophomore in college and in the process of transferring from the University of Central Florida (in Orlando) to either the University of Georgia or Georgia State. Currently, my intended major is in Social Work with a minor in Psychology, which I am in the process of finishing with online courses at Central Florida. I am interested in the Social Work field due to my experience in the foster care system as a child for the first ten years of my life. I went through approximately eight different foster homes in six different states ending in Florida, where my younger brother and I were adopted at ages six and ten. Throughout these experiences of transitioning between my biological family and foster families, I have gained the longing to help those who are currently in my past situation, or worse. I would love to one day help give a voice to the many children who currently do not have a loving family or stable support system as each child deserves such stability. As an intern, just starting off, I have intentions of learning the ins and outs of the system through Together Georgia and the supporting providers who pour their heart and hard work into the lives of these children. I also intend to create an impact that could potentially better the lives of the foster youth by speaking to them and learning what their needs are and what resources they need most, in hopes of creating a louder voice that could affect the minds of those involved in the system, their foster parents, and anyone else who provides for their best interest and needs. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

Together Georgia welcomes Jamey Hitchock as our 2016 Spring intern.  

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