Daily Update March 9,  2016 - Families First Act Power Point

Dr. Laura Boyd,  authored the following Families First Act Power Point Presentation - 
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5V8YYFLL3pkU2g2aUptWHZ6cjI1WUR2UkhwZlozVnRmSlB3/view?usp=sharing (Note: the hearing did not take place in January and is now expected to happen in June or July) 

Dr. Boyd will  present via webinar at our upcoming Together Georgia Annual Executive Retreat

Dr. Laura Boyd

Dr. Laura Boyd

Dr. Laura Boyd has spent her entire life at the cross-section of education, business, and society. She has experience from student to professor, from consultant to business owner, and from political national leadership mentor to elected office holder.  Dr. Boyd founded Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. in 1994. Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. has been retained by both for-profit and not-for-profit clients in the handling of their government-relations agendas as well as in acquisitions and mergers between companies across the United States. Dr. Boyd is currently serving as Public Policy Director for the national Foster Family-based Treatment Association.  


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