Daily Update April 13, 2016
New Benefit added to UST member program

From Together Georgia Corporate Partner

Happy Monday,

UST continuously strives to bring value to you and your members.  We are thrilled to introduce, through a strategic partnership with CareerArc, an outplacement service for all UST participants.  UST/CareerArc Outplacement Services is a comprehensive career transition solution that UST members can now provide to exiting employees at no cost for the “silver” platform.  The service will allow former employees to use the CareerArc tools for six months beyond their employment date to hone their skills, evaluate their interests, build their resume, access to thousands of jobs at their fingertips and the use of the online video job coaching all of which are included in the Silver platform. An added feature is that the program can also be offered to the spouse or partner of an employee who loses their job.  

Our goal is to help your members further reduce the length of unemployment claims by helping their former employees transition to new employment sooner, to give employers a platform that would normally cost $750-$1,000 per activation at no cost and to help maintain goodwill with former staff.    

We will be sending out an announcement, to your UST members, in a few waves over the next few weeks to assure a smooth introduction.  We have attached information on the program for you and your team to familiarize yourselves on the added program.     

As always, we value your partnership and look forward to seeing you, talking with you and working with you to continue to bring UST to your members.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great week.

All the best,

Donna H. Groh                                                               Cheryl Jones

UST Executive Director                                                UST Senior Account Executive




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