Daily Update April 26, 2016

Foster Youth Survey Analysis 

From Jamey Hitchcock, Together Georgia Intern

As an intern with Together Georgia, I have used the resources given to me to create a survey for foster youth. This survey is intended to assess the social, mental, and educational well-being of youth aged nine and older. Twenty-three questions were asked to determine if there is stability and proper care for the foster youth in the sample mix. Provided in the report will be descriptions of each question and the resulting feedback to understand what resources are needed to improve the lives of the foster youth.

As a foster youth for the first ten years of my life, I have developed a passion to serve and make a difference for the foster care community. Throughout my time in the system, I gained an appreciation and understanding of the importance of education and how it can change the outcome of one’s life. This survey has affirmed for me that other youth in foster care also appreciate the importance of education in their lives. The foster youth survey is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish in the child welfare field, and as a result of this survey, I hope to bring about a more empowering voice for all foster youth. 

It is my pleasure to share with all those in this field the results of this survey, so that all may have the opportunity to read about what the foster youth would like to receive from the foster care system.

link to survey

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