Daily Update May 4, 2016 

Home in 5 - Spring Marketing Campaign l Foster Parent Appreciation Event

From DFCS Region 5

The annual marketing plan is finally up and running!  We can’t wait to give you all of the updates on Friday.  Each month we plan to provide the listserv with a “recruitment” flyer that can be modified for each individual private agency.  It’s a “draft” to give you a starting place!  We encourage you to personalize it in any way!

Some ways you can use this flyer:

-          Print it and hang it up outside of your office door

-          Adjust the size to quarter page and tie them to your “end of the year” teacher gifts

-          Print mini-versions to give out to parents at the soccer field, tie them to the “team snack” you hand out

-          Edit it with your personal information and send it out to your email groups and encourage people to contact you with questions

-          Put the graphic in your church bulletin

-          Tape it to some seed packets and leave them in your neighbors mailboxes

Thanks so much for everything you do to bring our kids Home in 5!

Audrey Brannen, LCSW

Department of Family and Children Services

Region V Field Program Specialist

Phone: 706-621-1490

link to flyer

Hello to All.

Hopefully you have had a chance to review the flyer for the May 7th FP appreciation event that will be held at Washington Farms in Oconee County.

It is at this time that the committee for this event would like to ask for volunteers to assist with the event.  You or your agency could do this by volunteering your time on the day of the event, purchasing water, purchasing light snacks, or providing a give away to be raffled on the day of the event.

If you are able to commit to any of these options, please email me or you can also let us know at the Home In 5 meeting next Friday at the Fanning Institute.

Thank you in advance for any support you or your agency is able to provide. 

Let's make this a GREAT Event!!



Stacie Conliffe, LPC
Executive Director
National Youth Advocate Program


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