Daily Update May 10, 2016

Washington Farms Event: Success! 

Good Morning, Friends -

The Foster Parent Appreciation event at Washington Farms was a huge success!  Stacie Conliffe & the planning team put together an all-star day & executed it seamlessly.  Kudos!  We had over 24 folks, from several agencies, volunteer throughout the day.

We received lots of positive feedback our foster parents.  All the kids had a blast!  A few grown-ups played too.  Here's the link to the photos taken by the Spotted photographer for the Athens Banner Herald:


If you'd like a better quality image of any of the pictures, let me know.  We have a few more photos, featuring foster children, that we'll send to foster parents individually.

Your data surveys were due on 5/5/16.  I've attached the link, if you still need to complete it.

Thank you!


Mary P. Havick, MSW
Region 5 Director
Division of Family & Children Services

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