Daily Update May 12, 2016

Home in 5 Impact and Orientation 05.05.2016 and Placement Finding List

Home in 5 partners,

Attached is a combo private agency and public agency orientation and impact schedule.  I’m also attaching the most recent “placement finder” list.   These documents can be modified in any way that are beneficial to you!  Our goal with Home in 5 is to make sure foster parents get to the RIGHT agency and we don’t miss any opportunities to engage them in a meaningful way!

We’re also really excited to announce that we have a Google Calendar on the home in 5 website now for all of our impact and orientation schedules and other events!  It can be found at www.homein5.net and click on “calendar” and scroll down to the bottom to view the calendar!  If anyone has events to add feel free to email me to have them added. 

I hope this helps with any inquiries you receive regarding becoming a foster parent!

Thanks so much!

Audrey Brannen, LCSW

Department of Family and Children Services

Region V Field Program Specialist

Phone: 706-621-1490


Home in 5 Placement Search list

Home in 5 Impact and Orientation

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