Daily Update June 3, 2016

County Profiles and Birth to 21 Snapshots 

County Profiles and Birth to 21 Snapshots updated with the latest data
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The County Profiles and Birth to 21 Snapshots have been updated with the newest available year of data.

The updated Profiles and Snapshots also reflect recent changes to Georgia’s KIDS COUNT indicators, specifically the switch from CRCT testing data to Georgia Milestones Assessment indicators in the Children Succeeding in School result area.

You can access the County Profiles at gafcp.org/count/georgia_profiles.

You can find the Birth to 21 Snapshots at gafcp.org/count/snapshots.

We hope these updated products help you in the vital work you do each day on behalf of all the children and families in your county. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KIDS COUNT team if you have questions or need help.
Rebecca Rice
Georgia KIDS COUNT Coordinator

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