Daily Update June 10, 2016

FFTA Webinar, IARCA Outcome Measures Project

Linked is the Power Point presentation from the June 8 webinar. The presentation was also recorded and can downloaded from www.ffta.org/webinars


 IARCA reports:


The IARCA Outcome Measures Project Executive Summary Report for Calendar Year and Cross-Year Comparisons



IARCA Outcome Measures Project: 15 Years of Outcomes Data for Children in Out-of-Home Care-A Special Report



The project is open to agencies outside of Indiana. If your agency is interested in learning more about how to participate, contact Mark Hess, Outcome Project Coordinator at IARCA, at (317) 849-8497 or mhess@iarcca.orgMark will be participating via the IARCA exhibit at the FFTA Conference in New Orleans July 10-13, 2016. 

REMINDER: Today is the last day for  FFTA Conference Early Registration--must be post-marked by June 10. 

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The Georgia Conference on Children and Families  - November 2-4, 2016