Daily Update June 23, 2016

Reality Fair

From Teen Parent Connection

The Reality Fair Registration Deadline is Drawing Near!!

The deadline to get your youth registered for the Practical Matter’s Reality Fair is drawing closer and closer by the day.  This will be a fabulous opportunity for your youth to experience what adult life will really be like as they have to live life with their randomly assigned family for an entire month on their budget.  Youth will be able to walk away with practical skills to balance a budget, pay bills, handle unplanned emergencies, and learn how valuable education is to their overall success.  There are many great entities signed on for the College and Career fair to meet with our youth to map out a better future.  Some of these include Goodwill Career services, Military Recruiters, several community based support agencies (Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, Ga Youth Opportunities Movement, EMBARK and more)as well as many career professionals.  This is an event you will not want your youth to miss.  Please register them today and don’t risk missing the deadline.  REGISTRATION CLOSES JULY 1ST ….. THAT’S ONLY 9 MORE DAYS!!!!   Click on the image below to complete your registrations now. 

Brandi Roney, MA

Life Coach – Teen Parent Connection

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