Member Update January 22, 2016 - TG President John Blend addresses the Senate on Together Georgia Day at the Capitol 1/20/16

Message from Together Georgia President John Blend to the Georgia Senate on January 20, 2016

Good morning,

On behalf of the women and men of Georgia's Child Welfare Private Provider Community and the members of Together Georgia, we thank you, with special thanks to Senator Millar.  

We are honored to be recognized for the vital role played by Georgia's Private Providers. In partnership with our colleagues in State Offices, our members, and providers at large, offer safe and loving care, and kindness, to the majority of the over 11,000 children who find themselves out of their homes, away from their family, and in the care of our State.

Together Georgia members, and our private and public partners, are cut from the cloth of our local communities. We are your neighbors and your friends. We see you in school and pray with you at church. With our role in the community, we answer the call from the most vulnerable, the child who needs a home. We bring comfort, encouragement and hope to the family struggling to reunite.  Our days are full, marked by small but important victories. 

We are humbled and grateful for this recognition today, and for your support every day.  Georgia's youth need us now, more than ever.

Thank you.

Video of session -

Thank you to
 TG members who participated:

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