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Board and Committee Lists

Board Officers
Mike Angstadt, Twin Cedars - 07, 08
Vice President: 
 Karl Lehman, Childkind, 06, 07
Secretary: Doug Mead, Georgia Agape - 07, 08
Treasurer: Phil Kouns - Christian City - 07, 08
Immediate Past President: vacant

Family Preservation and Support Services – Hugo Mullins 07, 08, 09
Child Placing – Pat Showell, Families 1st 07, 08, 09
Basic Group Home – Rutha Green - 05,06,07
Intermediate Institutional Care – Ralph Comerford, 06,07,08
Therapeutic Foster Care – Gary Stout, 06,07,08
Intensive Residential Provider – Mario Bolivar, 05, 06, 07
Emergency Shelters – Greg Sterchi, Rainbow House 07, 08, 09
Outdoor Therapeutic Program - Cindy Simpson, Project Adventure 07, 08, 09

Ex Officio - Foundation Board President - Sally Rosser


Standing Committees

Finance Committee - Assn and Fen Standing Committee
Chair - Doug Mead (Bylaws require naming Treasurer as Chair)
1. Mario Bolivar, 05,06,07
2. Gary Gladstone, 06,07,08
3. open

Nomination Committee (Past President is chair, 4 members nominated by committee and elected by membership ( only 2-year rotating
Chair - Steve Rumford (Bylaws required naming Past President as Chair)
Linda Coil, Community Connections 07, 08
Brian Evans, Georgia Industrial, 07, 08
Larry Freels, Hephzibah, 07
Terence Johnson, Family to Family, 07

Other Appointed Committees (all members and chairs serve no more than 3 years)

Conference and Training - Ad Hoc
Chair - Karl Lehman, 06,07 (Bylaws require naming VP as Chair)
Staff - Carolyn Fjeran

Candice Mathews;  Cathy Pallon; Charlotte Stephens; Charon Mathews; Gerrilyn Levy; Heather Rowles; John Carroll; Karen Havlish; Kim Hayes; Kimberly Wilkerson; Lynne Taylor; Mollie Trammell; Molly Dugan; Renee Davis; Sheri Cody; Susan Duncan; Tracy Roberson; Vickey Hale


ORS / GAHSC Liaison Committee - Ad Hoc
Chair - Mellissa Reid,06,07,08

Staff - Normer Adams
Michele Glaser – Dream House,05,06,07
Doug Mead – Georgia Agape, 04,05,06
Michael Scott Merritt – KidsPeace, 05,06,07
Heather Rowles,05,06,07

David Dunbar, DHR

Sharon Doughtery, DHR

Carol Winstead, DHR

Education Reform Taskforce of Public Policy
Staff - Normer Adams

Mike Angstadt, Barry Kerr, Terry Fletcher, Sally Buchanan, Cheryl Dresser, Megan Wyatt, Normer Adams, Ben Scafidi, Betty Wrights,  Dawne Morgan,  Phil Hulst, Dee Simms, Tom Russell, David Davidson, Alison Bell, Julie Lewis

Chapters -(Provider group board representatives named as chairs.)

Child Caring Institution Chapter
           Chair - Rutha Greene, Tapestry Youth Ministries and Ralph Comerford, Veshti
           Medically Fragile Chapter
           Chair -
Emergency Stabilization and Assessment Centers
Chair -
Greg Sterchi, Rainbow House 07, 08, 09
Family Preservation Chapter
Chair -
Hugo Mullins, Family Ties

Therapeutic Foster Care  
Chair - Gary Stout, Meritan
Family Foster Care
Chair – Doug Mead

Intermediate Care Chapter

Chair - Ralph Comerford
Outdoor Therapeutic Program
Chair - Cindy Simpson, Project Adventure

PRTF Chapter
Chair - Mario Bolivar


Staff Committees - established by staff to inform programming


Research - Laura Moore, Mike Angstadt, Cindy Simpson, Brian Evans, Andy Barclay


*The calendar year for the Association begins the day after the Annual Conference and ends the last day of the Annual Conference.  For example, 2005 would begin the day after the 2005 Annual Conference and end the last day of the 2006 Annual Conference.  


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