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Board and Committee Lists
(Year Elected to Board)

Board Officers
Phil Kouns (07) - Christian City - 08,09
Vice President: 
Ralph Comerford (06) - Vashti - 09,10
Secretary: Laura Moore (09), Dream House for Medically Fragile Children - 09,10
Treasurer: Karl Lehman (06), Childkind, 08,09
Immediate Past President: Mike Angstadt (04),
Twin Cedars

Child Caring Institution – John Blend (09), Goshen Valley Boys' Ranch 09,10,11
Child Placing Agency –
Linda Coil (08), Community Connections, 08,09,10
Family Preservation and Support Services – Bonnie Lockwood (08), Cornerstone Counseling Center 08,09,10
Intensive Residential Provider – George Boykin (09), Lighthouse Care Center 09,10,11
Mental Health Service Provider – Hugo Mullins (07), Family Ties, 07,08,09
At Large - Kelli Clark (09) Downing Clark Center, 09,10,11
At Large - Rutha Greene (09), Tapestry Ministries 09,10,11

At Large - Nicole Hart (09), Transitional Family Services 09,10,11

At Large - Whitney Fuchs (09), Georgia Community Support & Solutions 09,10,11

Committee Assignments

Standing Committees
Finance Committee (standing committee)      
Chair - Karl Lehman, Childkind,  (Bylaws require naming Treasurer as Chair)

Phil Kouns, 07,08,09 

Kim Anderson, 09,10,11

Steve Rumford, 09,10,11

Doug Mead, 09,10,11
Nomination Committee (Past President is chair-four members nominated by committee and elected by membership-two year rotating)
Chair - Mike Angstadt (Bylaws require naming Past President as Chair)
David Cobb, Broken Shackle Ranch 09,10

Eddie Staub, Eagle Ranch, 09,10
Tyra Walker, Winshape, 08,09
Kimberly Underdue, Embracing Arms, Underdue Social Services 08,09


Other Ad Hoc Committees (all members and chairs serve no more than 3 years)
ORS / GAHSC Liaison Committee - Ad Hoc

Chair - Whitney Fuchs 09,10,11

Staff - Normer Adams and Carolyn Fjeran

Quality Assurance/Best Practice/Research Committee - Ad Hoc
Chair - Ralph Comerford
Staff - Normer Adams and Carolyn Fjeran


Chapters (provider group board representatives named as chairs)
Child Caring Institutions
Chair - John Blend, Goshen Valley Boy's Ranch

Family Foster Care Chapters,  

Specialized Foster Care
Family Foster Care
Chair – Linda Coil, Community Connections

Family Preservation Chapter  

Chair - Bonnie Lockwood, Cornerstone Counseling Center 08,09,10

Mental Health Provider Chapter
Chair - Hugo Mullins, Family Ties 07,08,09

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Chapter  
Chair - George Boykin,Psychiatric Solutions
10, 11, 12 


Staff Committees (established by staff to inform programming)
Staff - Normer Adams -
Laura Moore, Mike Angstadt, Andy Barclay, Sally Rosser


*The calendar year for the Association begins the day after the Annual Conference and ends the last day of the Annual Conference.  For example, 2009 would begin the day after the 2009 Annual Conference and end the last day of the 2010 Annual Conference.  


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