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Education Reform Taskforce
Children in State Custody

Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children
Coalition of Residential Child Caring Agencies

Education Law - "Children in the custody of the State"
IDEA Information Website
GAHSC Education Position and Concern Paper
What Other States are Doing
IDEA Position Paper
Eligibility for Funding, DOE
Taskforce Meeting Minutes
DHR/DOE Cooperative Agreement - 2005
Draft Policy Paper 2001
SB 618 Implementation Guild
SB 618 Legislation
RTF Funding Policy Paper -- June 2009

Quality Basic Education Formula -- OCGA 20-2-161
QBE Formulas

Education Reform Taskforce of Public Policy - Mike Angstadt, Tom Russell, Gregg Stevens, Barry Kerr, Normer Adams, Phil Hulst, Steward Bennett, Sally Buchanan, Tom Rawlings, Gloria Choo, Stan Jones, Cynthia Studdard, Matthew Gambill


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