Provider Watch - October 05, 2009 - First Provider G Meeting    

Providers have long awaited the beginning of the Provider G Meetings to look at the data by which providers will be measured.  While these Provider G Meetings are for the 22 largest CCIs and 15 Largest CPAs, other providers are welcome to attend.  These Provider G Meetings will begin the development of outcomes that will be so important to all providers. 

Provider G-Meetings - The CCI Provider G will be on Monday October 19th from 1-4pm at 2 Peachtree on the 29th Floor in the DHS Board Room. The CPA Provider G will be on October 20th from 9-12 in the same location.

State G-Force Meetings - The State has been doing G-Force Meetings for several years.  These G-Force Meetings have dramatically transformed practice by outcome based data.  The next State G-Force Meeting is on Thursday, October 22nd from 1-5pm via WebEx.  Please click the link provided below and follow the subsequent instructions to join the meeting.
Topic: October 2009 G Force Meeting
Date and Time: October  22, 2009 1pm
Event password: 10222009Gfm
Event address for attendees:
To receive a call back, provide your phone number when you join the event or call the number below and enter the event number.
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 866-469-3239
Event number: 485 430 492

Below is a copy of the letter sent to select providers:

October 5, 2009 

Dear Provider Partner:

As we shared with you at the Provider Summit, we will begin the CCI and CPA Provider G's in October. The CCI Provider G will be on Monday October 19th from 1-4pm at 2 Peachtree on the 29th Floor in the DHS Board Room. The CPA Provider G will be on October 20th from 9-12 in the same location.  

As indicated at the Summit, we will be looking at specific data from the 22 largest CCI's and the 15 largest CPA's (based on census levels). The Providers listed below should be represented by the CEO or their senior level designee and the Program Director from the Agency. Although we know there are always other commitments, we recommend that the CEO attend the Provider G's.

CCI's who are required to attend:

  1. Twin Cedars Youth Services
  2. The Methodist Home for Children & Youth
  3. Georgia Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries
  4. United Methodist Children Home of North GA Conference
  5. Open Door Home
  6. Morningstar Children and Family Services
  7. Murphy-Harpst Children’s Centers
  8. Downing Clark Center
  9. Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Home
  10. Project Adventure ILP
  11. Center for Children & Young Adults
  12. Georgia Center for Youth Alternative Youth Services
  13. CHRIS Kids, Inc
  14. The Vashti Center
  15. Kidspeace
  16. Carrie Steele-Pitts Home
  17. Hephzibah Children’s Home
  18. Family Crisis Center of Walker, Dade, Catoosa, Chatooga Counties, The Cottage
  19. Families First
  20. Ramsey Youth Services of Georgia, Macon Behavioral Health
  21. The Bridge
  22. HHC Augusta

CPA's who are required to attend

  1. Neighbor to Family
  2. Mentor Network
  3. ENA Inc dba NECCO
  4. Meritan Inc.
  5. Lutheran Services of Georgia
  6. Bethany Christian Services
  7. Lookout Mountain Community Services Board
  8. Choices for Life Foster Care
  9. Childkind, Inc.
  10. New Beginnings, Life Changing Network Inc
  11. Families First Foster Program
  12. Creative Community Services
  13. Community Connections
  14. Trinity J and D, LLC
  15. National Youth Advocate Program

Although we will focus on data from the listed providers, ALL providers are welcome to attend, observe and participate. If you require any assistance please contact Monica Beal at (404) 657-3260. We look forward to seeing all of you on October 19th and 20th! 


Sharon Hill & Kenneth F. Joe Sr.
Provider G Facilitators


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