Welfare Watch - March 25, 2009 - Legislative and Advocacy Bits and Pieces

Important GBPI Report - www.gbpi.org

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute has release three reports that analyze the impact that three budget cut bills will have on the economy.  None of these budget cuts, which will amount to more than a billion dollars lost each year to Georgia, will produce the results intended by the legislation.  The intent of these bills is to be a stimulus to the economy and creates more income for the state.  These bills fall far short of being the stimulus that they intend, yet draws hundreds of millions from Georgia's tax base.  More information about these cuts can be found at:  www.gbpi.org

Privatization Article by Normer Adams

Georgia is exploring how it might further privatize various aspects of its child welfare system.  Privatization of child welfare is not new to this country.  What is new is the "governmentalization" of child welfare in this country.  Governmentalization is when the government takes over what was once considered the work of the community.  Governmentalization has resulted in a loss of connectiveness, accountability and involvement with the community.  "Child Welfare" has become "what the government does rather than what the community does.  What we need is more "communitization," what some would call "privatization."  His article can be found here

Continued Advocacy for CPA Rate Restoration

The Senate Appropriations Committee will take up the budget this week.  We need to contact their budget leadership regarding our concerns.  We need to focus on the Senate Appropriations Committee and the House and Senate Conference Committee on the budget. 

It matters that you email these legislators.  The email letter need not be very sophisticated, but heart felt and include a specific ask.  Please take a moment to write an email to these Legislators thanking them for the restoration of CPA rates in FY09 and asking that they restore "Child Placing Agency reimbursement rates for the lowest 3 levels of care."  The contact information for these legislators can be found here

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