Provider Watch - September 26, 2013 - Medicaid Coverage for Former Foster Youth

There is a provision in the Affordable Care Act whereby, beginning in January 1, 2014 foster youth who were in care at age 18 are qualified to stay enrolled in Medicaid until age 26. This is of great significance for those aging out who need support.

Linked is a useful tool kit put together by SPARC that agencies may use to reach out to foster youth
  to facilitate access to Medicaid: Medicaid Outreach Toolkit.pdf

Highlighted by SPARC are keys steps for advocates:

- Know what’s in the law and regulations
- Gather data
- Meet with Child Welfare and Medicaid Staff
- Develop strategies for continuous Medicaid coverage for youth
  who leave care each year
- Develop outreach strategies for youth who have aged out but
  not reached age 26

full article at to 26 for Youth in Foster Care.pdf

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