Provider Watch January 6, 2015  - Together Georgia Welcomes Georgia Parent Support Network

Georgia Parent Support Network (GPSN) is a grassroots family-run non-profit organization established in 1987.  GPSN was founded in response to the lack of knowledge about services and the actual lack of services which address the needs of children with mental illness, emotional disturbances, and behavioral differences. 

GPSN is dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for children and youth with mental illness, emotional disturbances, and behavioral differences and their families.  GPSN administers several programs, including:

  • Transitional Youth Peer Center

  • Therapeutic Foster Care

  • Respite Care

  • Statewide Family Network

GPSN works on the premise that families are key to systems change and believes that families are the best and most effective agents for change.  Working with families at the community level is at the heart of GPSN’s vision and mission. GPSN Family Support Partners work one-on-one with families to provide care coordination, support, advocacy, education, mentoring, information, and referral services uniquely tailored to each family’s specific needs. GPSN works to assist families in a variety of settings including schools, courts, social service agencies, mental health, and other community agencies.

GPSN is a leading advocacy voice for children, youth, and families in the state of Georgia. GPSN has been the state chapter of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health since 1990 and serves as key stakeholder in system transformation efforts through participation in local, regional, and state councils and committees.

Together Georgia is honored to welcome Georgia Community Support Network as our newest member.







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