Provider Watch February 6, 2015 - Together Georgia welcomes CHRIS Kids

In 1981, the Atlanta Junior League, in collaboration with the Menninger Foundation, established CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights-Legal, Educational, Emotional) to serve abused and neglected youth in the metro Atlanta. The agency began with three group homes to serve children in foster care with mental health and other therapeutic needs. Later, the name changed to CHRIS Homes and eventually became what it is today, CHRIS Kids. The name is an acronym that represents our core values, Creativity, Honor, Respect, Integrity and Safety. Programs and collaborative partnerships were created to fill gaps and, often, introduced new approaches in Georgia. CHRIS Kids has a proven track record of innovation and leading change in the community. While programs and services have changed, their mission has not. Their mission is to heal children, strengthen families and build community. (View list of accomplishments awards and results ) CHRIS Kids is one of the most outstanding and accomplished agencies in Georgia.

Together Georgia considers it a high honor to welcome CHRIS Kids as our newest member. 







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