Provider Watch February 18, 2015 - TAKE ACTION: your advocacy is needed for provider rate increase 

Advocacy is needed  to request favorable consideration of  recommendation for a 3% rate increase for Out-of-Home Care providers that serve foster children and youth.

Together Georgia leaders have been meeting with the Governor's staff and individual legislators on behalf of providers to request additional resources.   Written comments as well as verbal testimony were provided Tuesday afternoon at the House Appropriations Human Resources Subcommittee hearing. Ron Scroggy, Together Georgia Executive Director and TG members testified at the hearing to request a 3% rate increase for private providers.  TG members Mike Angstadt, Emily Acker, John Blend, Bob Bruder-Mattson and Karl Lehman joined Ron in presenting a compelling case for additional support for providers. View hearing   

Advocacy is now needed from as many providers as possible. The House version of FY 2016 budget could pass as early as Feb. 26.  Time is of the essence for providers to contact legislators.  Please contact legislators to request favorable consideration of  recommendation for a 3% rate increase for Out-of-Home-Care providers.  They need to hear from you ASAP.

Your requests should be simple and to the point. Please personalize your message. Be clear about who you are (define acronyms like RBWO) and who you serve (foster children and youth).  Suggestions include the following, but your message needs to be unique: 

We fully support the Governor and Child Welfare Reform Council’s recommendations to provide additional funding for DFCS and the needs to help address safety concerns of children and families

We would ask that you also consider the private providers as they serve approximately 6,500 children of the total 10,000 children in care

Private providers providing care to Georgia’s children in DFCS and DJJ custody have only received one rate increase in ten years and that was two years ago – many providers are being paid essentially 75 percent of costs to care for these vulnerable children and youth (otherwise, the providers are raising charitable funds to help with the full costs of the kids’ care)

Please support Together Georgia and its request for an additional investment in the providers caring for these children by adding an increase of three (3) percent in the rate paid for room, board and watchful oversight (RBWO) – this would equate to approximately $6.9 million 

Thank  you very much for listening to our request, and if we may answer questions, please let us know.


Appropriations Human Resources Subcommittee Members

Dempsey, Katie M.Chairman of Subcommittee

Epps, Bubber Vice-Chairman of Subcommittee

Benton, Tommy Member

Brockway, Buzz Member

Harden, Buddy Member

Henson, Michele Member

Howard, Henry "Wayne" Member

Morris, Greg Member

Oliver, Mary Margaret Member

Taylor, Tom Member

House Appropriations Committee Members

England, Terry Chairman

Greene, Gerald E Vice Chairman

Atwood, Alex Chairman of Subcommittee

Carter, Amy Chairman of Subcommittee

Dempsey, Katie M. Chairman of Subcommittee

Dickson, Tom Chairman of Subcommittee

Ehrhart, Earl Chairman of Subcommittee

Houston, Penny Chairman of Subcommittee

Parrish, Butch Chairman of Subcommittee

Rynders, Ed Secretary

Peake, Allen Ex-Officio

Powell, Jay Ex-Officio








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