Provider Watch May 12, 2015 - Together Georgia Welcomes Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

The Orange Duffel Bag Foundation was founded in February 2010 by Echo Garrett and Sam Bracken. Named for the orange duffel bag in which Bracken carried his possessions as a homeless teen, ODB raised awareness and provided advocacy about barriers faced by vulnerable youth in the transition to self-sufficiency. 

Early partnership began with the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) with a goal to see if ODB’s new coaching methodology would improve the educational outcomes of the youth. The initiative proved beneficial and continues to have an impact on these youths through ongoing advocacy. ODB’s mission is to provide at-risk teens and young adults programs that are proven to improve education success, ongoing advocacy, support to their guardians and caring adults, and service to the community.

ODB programs reach high school students and college freshmen and sophomores who are at risk of not completing their secondary and post-secondary education. Their coaching solution and ongoing advocacy help disadvantaged high school and college students overcome personal and academic education barriers.

ODB youth advocates and local community partners help teens and young adults secure part time employment and stable housing. Youths are provided ongoing support to stay on track in pursuit of postsecondary education. ODB’s current collaborative partnerships include many public, private and non-profit businesses that work to improve outcomes for youth transitioning out of foster care.

Together Georgia is honored to welcome Mike Daly and the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative  as our newest member. 






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