Provider Watch August 4, 2015 - Together Georgia Welcomes DeKalb  Community Service Board

DeKalb Community Service Board is DeKalb County's public, nonprofit treatment provider of community-based behavioral health and developmental disability services. They offer a full range of mental health services, developmental disabilities programs and substance abuse treatment to more than 10,000 citizens annually who are uninsured and underinsured. DeKalb CSB operates more than 20 locations in DeKalb County including four outpatient clinics, the DeKalb Regional Crisis Center, the DeKalb Addiction Clinic, the DeKalb Services Center, East DeKalb, Criminal Justice and residential programs.  Their staff of physicians, nurses, clinicians and support personnel help clients and their families recover from these debilitating disabilities and resume productive lives. They provide the high quality, evidence-based services in the least restrictive settings.  DeKalb CSB envisions a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential.

ogether Georgia is honored to welcome DeKalb Community Service Board as it's newest member.  




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