Provider Watch October 6, 2015 -  Providers to meet with DFCS Director 10/14/15

To: Region 3  Providers

Together Georgia and Winshape Homes are partnering with DFCS to deliver a  meeting with  Bobby Cagle, Director of Georgia's Family and Children Services, for a discussion on the impacts of child welfare reform in Georgia and an effort to strengthen partnerships between DFCS and the providers in Georgia. Director Cagle would like to meet with all the providers and their staff in the surrounding communities including private foster families to discuss plans for reform in DFCS and seek feedback on how providers and the agency can better work together to serve Georgia’s most vulnerable families and children.  Registration is required (free of charge)

October 14, 2015 - 1:00-2:30pm
Winshape Retreat*

2277 Martha Berry Highway 
Mt. Berry, Georgia 30149

Refreshments will be provided.

* Please note, Winshape Retreat requires attendees to be 18 or older

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