Provider Watch December 10, 2015 - Together Georgia welcomes new member, Choices for Life of Georgia

Choices for Life  operates programs in Oklahoma and Georgia. Choices for Life of Georgia, located in Valdosta, is a Child Placement Agency and Behavioral Health Provider. The  Choices for Life Foster Care program offers specialized in-home treatment for children and youth with multiple psychological, social, and emotional needs. Foster families in partnership with Choices for Life provide daily in-home skills.  Children in the foster care program receive counseling services from qualified staff. The children receive individual, family, and group counseling. Choices for Life  offers a variety of services to foster parents including training and support, 24-hour availability for additional support/crisis services, respite care and support group. 

Choices for Life of Georgia also offers CORE services to children in the community.  Mental health treatment is delivered using an array of services. Specialty programs and groups include children with serious emotional disturbance (SED) and transitional age young adults.

Together Georgia is pleased to welcome Choices for Life of Georgia as our newest member. 

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