Together Georgia Day at the Capitol
March 10, 2015

Many thanks to all who participated in our inaugural Together Georgia Day at the Capitol.

Although legislators were not in session on Tuesday, many were attending committee meetings. Providers had opportunity to visit with several legislators who influence child welfare interests, i.e. Rep. Andrew Welch (Chaired the House Study Committee on Licensing and Inspection of Child Welfare Providers), Rep. Katie Dempsey (Chair Appropriations Subcommittee and member of Health & Human Services Committee), Rep. Tom Weldon (Chair Juvenile Justice Committee), and Rep. Allen Peake (Vice-Chair of Ways and Means Committee and member of Health & Human Services Committee). Invitations including a full list of Together Georgia members were delivered to all legislators. It is helpful for legislators to recognize private provider agencies that are in their district. We encourage TG members and all providers to continue to nurture relationships at your local level - good work!










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