Welfare Watch March 13, 2015 - Senate Resolution Recognizing March 10, 2015 as Together Georgia Day at the State Capitol

LC 108 0663 S. R. 464 - 1 - Senate Resolution 464

By: Senator Beach of the 21st A


Recognizing March 10, 2015, as Together Georgia Day at the state capitol; and for other  purposes.

WHEREAS, Together Georgia, a nonprofit alliance of service providers, was originally  established as the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children more than 50  years ago; and

WHEREAS, Together Georgia services a host of almost 100 provider agencies across  Georgia, including family preservation and support groups, education programs, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, adoption and maternity homes, family foster care, therapeutic foster care, community group homes, emergency care, outdoor therapeutic programs, and independent living and after care programs for children and youth aging out of this state's system; and

WHEREAS, Together Georgia's provider agencies, which provide care to Georgia's most  vulnerable children and youth and their families, are now being asked to accomplish even  more despite the fact that they are provided with fewer resources; and

WHEREAS, Together Georgia serves as a voice for its provider agencies to help stretch  resources and seek new, valuable resources for these services provided to the abused and neglected children in this state; and

WHEREAS, Together Georgia provides a number of other services to assist its members better care for Georgia's children and youth in addition to lobbying and advocacy work, which include providing research and information on current issues and trends in child welfare, providing back office solutions and purchasing resources, and professional  development and consulting for its agencies; and

WHEREAS, Together Georgia annually hosts the Georgia Children and Families Conference, an event which attracts attendees from care management organizations providing healthcare to Georgia's children, state agencies including the Division of Family and Children Services and the Departments of Community Health and Juvenile Justice, providers, and many others who are interested in child welfare issues; and

WHEREAS, it is abundantly fitting and proper that this distinguished organization, its staff, and its volunteers be appropriately recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and their dedication and work to better the lives of Georgia's children and youth and their families.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body commend Together Georgia, its staff, its provider agencies, and its volunteers for their past, present, and future work on behalf of Georgia's children and youth and their families and recognize March 10, 2015, as Together Georgia Day at the state capitol.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to make an appropriate copy of this resolution available for distribution to Together Georgia.








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