Welfare Watch June 26, 2015 -  The Georgia Array of Services Continuum Initiative

A Concept for Enhancing Placement Services and Outcomes:
The Georgia Array of Services Continuum Initiative

It is the responsibility of providers of services for children that enter into care to ensure that each child receives the best quality of care that will produce the most successful outcome for their future.  In addition it becomes crucial that those referring children for services can make these critical placement decisions have an instrument that can provide them with some degree certainty what functional outcomes they can expect from the services the child will receive at the chosen placement.  Beginning with the Governor’s Child Welfare Reform Council Georgia stakeholders have entered a phase of innovation and critical evaluation; Together Georgia is on board. The proper placement of a child is crucial to their success in the system of care; science now tells us that by reducing failed or unproductive placement we reduce trauma and allows for the child to continue growing in a situation that is best for them. The Georgia Array of Services Continuum Initiative, building upon DFCS’s current matching tool, will become an instrument that will greatly enhance child placement efficiency and better outcomes for the children. 

The Georgia Array of Services Continuum may include:
  • All available services that are offered to children in the state of Georgia
  • Classification characteristics of youth being placed (such as: age, sex, diagnosis, trauma index, substance abuse, number of placements, etc) 
  • The characteristics will be entered into an algorithm that will produce an index number that should guide placement decisions.
This index number will be tied to determined outcome success percentages across The Georgia Array of Services Continuum Chart.  Therefore, placing the child in a service or program that has a low outcome success percentage that correlates with their index number would be discouraged. This initiative would utilize predictive analytics, agreed upon meaningful child characteristics, standardized functional outcomes, and predicted successes, which are all missing from the current systems of Georgia Score, Georgia SHINE, and the Matching Tool. The goal is to provide the best placement for each individual child that will allow for that child to have the best outcome from care.
In order to begin meaningful work on this initiative we need your input. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback. Click here to begin.




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