Welfare Watch July 22, 2015 - Individual Development Accounts Program  "train the trainer"  

Transition to adulthood is a pivotal time in life that often requires response to multiple needs.  In 2004, The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, drove a  national effort to help young people make successful transitions from foster care to adulthood.  Casey introduced Individual Development Accounts (IDA) to Georgia through a pilot program called the Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Opportunities Initiative (MAYOI). This initiative later expanded beyond the metro area and is now the Georgia Youth Opportunities Initiative (GYOI). 

Financial stability is vital to independent living.  IDA matching funds help young people get started with savings for success. At the completion of a financial literacy course, participating youth may receive matching funds available through the IDA program. A "train the trainer"  session  is scheduled for interested providers and community members who work with Independent living Program (ILP) eligible youth.  This training will cover the Keys to Financial Literacy curriculum including asset building, money management, and credit.

Training is scheduled August 25, 2015 - deadline to register is August 14. 





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