Welfare Watch August 12, 2015 - Keeping Kids in Families - Members of Congress need to hear from you



We want to share some exciting news!  The Keeping Kids in Families website has launched, and we’ve officially begun raising the collective voice of advocates nationwide to promote our shared commitment to ensuring that every child has a safe, caring, permanent family.

Are you ready to raise your voice on behalf of children and families? Join us today and become an advocate for strengthening our nation’s child welfare system.

We recognize that there is an urgent need to update the way we invest in our child welfare system so that we, as a nation, can achieve better outcomes for children and families. We’re urging Congress to take immediate action by supporting the Keeping Kids in Families campaign and specific policy solutions that lead to a stronger, more effective child welfare system.

Together we can elevate this issue. As someone who supports improving the lives of children and families, your voice is a powerful tool for advocacy. Members of Congress need to hear from constituents, like you, to better understand the sense of urgency and need to move quickly on this issue before it’s too late for too many families.  Will you take this opportunity to help build the awareness, visibility and momentum we need in our communities to cause change?

Get Started Today!

Let’s work together to advance policy change on behalf of children and families.


Keeping Kids in Families




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