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Every day at Lutheran Services of Georgia we witness lives transformed.  Donate today to help children and families on their journey from vulnerability to self-reliance.
Every day at Lutheran Services of Georgia we witness lives transformed.
 Families and children come to us in their most vulnerable states. Refugees who have just arrived in the United States after fleeing war-torn countries. Children who have survived trauma in unstable and dangerous homes. Teens who are awaiting adoption but fear they are too old or too "troubled" to find their forever family.
Lutheran Services of Georgia is in need of financial supporters like you to help these children and families on their journey from vulnerability to self-reliance.
With the help of LSG, a refugee becomes an American success story - business owner or career man and contributing member of his community.
 Stepping foot on American soil is only the beginning of a refugee's great journey. Lutheran Services of Georgia provides the support they need to navigate their first weeks in the United States. With our help, refugees become self-sufficient in a few short months after arriving in Georgia, going on to create lives they can be proud of. They build careers and businesses, so they are able to support their family and give back to their com­munity.
Nur arrived in the U.S. from India in 2013. He now works at LutheranServices of Georgia as a caseworker. In his own words he describes his first few months in Georgia:
 "Lutheran Services of Georgia helped me from my first day. My caseworker met me at the airport; he shook my hand and said 'Welcome to the United States of America. It was a dream, which became a reality, a dream in the land of opportunity and hope. Within two months, I accepted a job at the airport, where I worked hard to support myself. Now I'm working at LSG to give it back and help my fellow refugees to help themselves. I'm very grateful for what LSG did for me. The help was unexpected, and it encouraged me to accomplish much more for myself and with my clients. I still feel very grateful and will always remember the help I got from LSG during my resettlement period."

LSG finds foster and adoptive homes for older children or children with special needs. Homes where, with love, support and stability, they can start to build their future.
Adopting a teenager or a child who is medically fragile or who has special needs isn't easy. Lutheran Services of Georgia carefully matches each child with the right family - one that is a good fit for him and his needs. LSG sets up these foster and adoptive families for success by providing training, support groups, and access to resources to help the parents provide the very best home and family possible for the child.
Jessica* is a typical 13-year-old girl. She plays soccer, loves make-up and shopping and spending weekends with her family. However, it wasn't that long ago that Jessica's life was very different. She was pulled from an unsafe home environment by the Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS) and placed in a foster home while she awaited adoption. LutheranServices of Georgia found a caring couple to adopt Jessica - a couple who had their hearts set on an older child and fell in love with her at first meeting. Jessica, once a child with­ out much chance of a successful future, is now a young woman with hopes and dreams, and most importantly, a family of her own.
These are just two of the thousands of lives that Lutheran Services of Georgia transforms each year. For 35 years, LSG has offered assistance to people whose circumstances have made their life path more difficult than most. LSG creates new pathways for them to succeed - to journey from vulnerability to self-sufficiency.
Donate to Lutheran Services of Georgia of today and help us reach even more people in need.  Click here to make your tax deductible donation or call our office at 404-875-5645.
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