Welfare Watch May 3, 2016


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National Foster Care Month 2016: Honoring, Uniting, and Celebrating Families

Each year, the Children's Bureau, together with its information service, Child Welfare Information Gateway, honors National Foster Care Month (NFCM) by providing resources and tools that align with a theme to support those involved with foster care. This year's theme, "Honoring, Uniting, and Celebrating Families," focuses on family reunification and recognizes the strength in family connections and the role it plays in promoting successful outcomes for children, youth, and families.

Get the most out of National Foster Care Month 2016 by:

Visit the 2016 National Foster Care Month website today, and let us know your thoughts bytaking our survey! For more information, contact Child Welfare Information Gateway atNFCM@childwelfare.gov or 1.800.394.3366.


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