Georgia Association
Homes and Services for Children
Code of Ethics


We Will Protect children in our care from all forms of abuse, maltreatment, and exploitation; and shall bring to account adults who thwart that purpose.

We Will Serve only those children for whom our services are appropriate and will establish plans carefully that are family oriented, reality-based, and goal directed.

We Will Utilize fully our professional skills in striving to enable each child to assume his role in society in a successful and fulfilling manner.

We Will Provide every opportunity for children to learn and to develop whatever talents they may possess.

We Will Accord children in our care full respect as individuals while teaching them to respect the rights of others.

We Will Serve children without regard to race, culture or religion.

We Will Respect the uniqueness of each child's race, culture and religion while attempting to instill a sense of self worth, individuality, and the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.

We Will Nurture each child's spirituality while respecting the child's religious traditions.

We Will Use our knowledge and influence as advocates for children, to improve social conditions, and to develop resources beneficial to children and to the strengthening of family life.

We Will Review constantly our services for relevance and effectiveness and shall strive to provide society and the community with child care services appropriate to their needs.

We Will Provide the adults in our employ with opportunities to improve their professional skills and personal relationships with the children they serve.

We Will Represent our services and intentions honestly and openly.