Reprinted from Georgia's Department of Human Resources web site.

Commissioner Horne comments on steps taken to improve child welfare in Georgia

I have made child welfare a top priority since I became Commissioner of the Department of Human Resources. Child abuse is a serious issue that deserves serious attention, and I am taking a close look at the entire child welfare system.

I have taken immediate steps to make our child welfare system more accountable for its actions. In the past, the DFCS Child Protective Services Unit reviewed cases involving deaths or serious injuries from abuse or neglect. The state office pointed out any errors that were made and requested a corrective action plan from the county DFCS office involved. However, this response was not mandatory and was left to the discretion of the county directors.

I have changed that system. Corrective action plans are now mandatory. I have set up an enforcement team that will make sure that any issues identified in the state reviews are addressed. This team, which will report to my office, will monitor the progress of the county's corrective actions. If the county fails to take appropriate corrective action, I will hold the county director accountable.

But we aren't stopping there - significant changes have been made over the last two years and we are continuing in an aggressive manner. See the following lists of recent changes and improvements.

I know that you share our commitment to protect children in Georgia, and I am asking for your support as we make these and other improvements.

DHR Office of Communications    November 1999

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