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Together Georgia is the new name of our state’s most venerable organization for child and family services providers: the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children (GAHSC).

Since its inception 50 years ago, GAHSC has been a tireless champion of children all across the Peach State.

While we’re proud of what GAHSC has accomplished over its long history, we’ve fundamentally redesigned the organization to add even more value to the hard-working providers serving Georgia’s children and families!




A clear, consistent path for the future of Georgia children and families


Proven ability to reach key decision-makers on members' behalf


Regular member meetings and special gatherings to talk shop and brainstorm


Staff training and regular news bulletins with critical changes and information


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DateWatch/UpdateLink to page
2018/04/09Provider UpdatePractice Matters meeting 4/18
2018/04/09Provider UpdateTrainings for Foster Parents Increase Placement Stability
2018/03/30Training Update Leadership Development for Frontline Staff
2018/01/16Training UpdateEffective Teams and Collaboration
2017/12/01Training UpdateAuthentic YOUth Engagement - what does it mean for YOU?
2017/12/01Provider UpdatePractice Matters Meeting 12/12/17
2017/10/20Provider UpdateThe Cost of Poverty
2017/10/19Provider UpdateHelping Young People Heal from Trauma
2017/09/14Provider UpdateBlueprint for Change: Region 3 Provider Meeting 9/26/17
2017/08/02Provider UpdateBlueprint for Change: DeKalb and Fulton Private Provider Meeting 8/23/17
2017/07/10Welfare WatchJudge Juanita Stedman to lead Together Georgia Provider Alliance, Inc. 
2017/06/27Provider UpdateBlueprint for Change: Region 1 Private Provider Meeting 7/19/17
2017/06/26Provider WatchTogether Georgia welcomes new member, Little Debbie's Second Chance Home
 2017/06/14 Provider WatchTogether Georgia welcomes new member, Georgia MENTOR
 2017/05/15 Provider WatchChildren's Mental Health Week Proclamation Presentation
2017/05/04Training UpdateEffective Teams and Collaboration
2017/05/02Provider Watchnsoro Foundation Pre-Collegiate Program application deadline 5/5/17
2017/05/02Wlefare WatchGeorgia DFCS Working with Partners to Create Nation's First 'State of Hope'
2017/04/28Provider UpdateBlueprint for change Livestream: State of Hope event 5/3/17
2017/04/19Provider WatchThe City of Decatur to purchase United Methodist Children's Home
2017/04/14Provider UpdateBlueprint for Change: Private Provider Meeting 4/26/17
2017/03/28Provider UpdateFoster Care and Educational Opportunities for youth and professionals
2017/03/23Provider UpdateCelebration of Excellence 25th Anniversary 6/3/17
2017/03/16Provider WatchThe Atlanta Children's Foundation Launches Crisis Card Program to Further Support At-Risk Youth
2017/03/10Welfare WatchPilot Program to provide TF-CBT to juvenile courts
2017/03/06Provider Watch86-year-old raises man raises $400k for charity through decades of recycling
2017/02/23Provider WatchEaster Seals Southern Georgia, Inc. 60th Anniversary
2017/02/15Provider WatchMandatory webinar for RBWO site directors and GA+SCORE maintainers
2017/02/15Welfare WatchOne Final Act of Love
2017/02/01Training UpdateTraining Update February 1, 2017
2017/01/31Welfare WatchFulton County Juvenile Court Judge Willie J. Lovett Jr. dies
 2017/01/20 Provider WatchHistoric DeKalb Children's Home Decides to Sell 
2017/01/09Welfare WatchAssist Albany Foster Families Affected by Weekend Storm

The archive of Welfare & Provider Watches from previous years is here.


Upcoming Events
24 Apr 2018
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Board Meeting
24 Apr 2018
01:00PM - 12:00PM
Executive Retreat 2018
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Our Affiliates

Together Georgia members share in the benefits of our affiliation with prominent advocacy organizations.

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Together GA, as the foremost and most recognizable umbrella association for child welfare agencies in Georgia, has provided Bethany Christian Services of GA excellent opportunities to engage and partner with other child and family services agencies. It has also afforded incredible learning and advocacy opportunities as it continues its tireless efforts promoting the wellbeing of children in the State. I sincerely value the support we receive from the team at Together GA.

Through our membership with Together GA, we have been able to increase our presence in the community. There's a spirit of collaboration, communication, and education. Our Mission is "We Build Families" and we seek to work alongside others who share that mission. Together GA provides a space for us to share our challenges and our accomplishments. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of an organization with a legislative presence and strong voice of advocacy.

Mavis E. Williamson

When we started Uniting Hope 4 Children two years ago I didn't know anyone in the field of child welfare. While partnering with Together Georgia we have been able to meet and collaborate with many partner providers and state leaders. I can't think of a better organization that helps support and set vision for children across our state. We owe much of our success to Together Georgia.

Together Georgia is a conduit for communication among child welfare professionals where we can share ideas, solve problems and create successful changes for the future of Georgia’s children and families. With professional collaboration and a strong, influential legislative voice, it brings great value and connectivity to The Methodist Home.

As the CEO of a child-placing agency which is seeking to be the best we can be, it is imperative to engage with, collaborate with and have influence on colleagues, policy makers and legislators who impact the work we do. GAHSC [now Together Georgia] provides the best way to accomplish this.

Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, Inc. has been a member of GAHSC [now Together Georgia] for 20 years. Through membership youth and family serving agencies can more effectively advocate, educate and in-form; advocate for Georgia's children and families; educate one another on best and most promising practices; [and] inform public policy makers, legislators and funders. Join us and make a difference!

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